Learning Cell Cross in OpenRefine

When working with spreadsheet data, sometimes you need to get data from Spreadsheet A into Spreadsheet B. Learn how to use the Cell Cross feature of OpenRefine to move data between spreadsheets by matching data points (identifiers, text, numbers, etc.). Tutorial and demo video derived from webinar held March 26, 2020.


The State of Temporary Labor: Trends and Themes from SAA's Issues and Advocacy Section + IMLS-Funded Research

Maintenance, Labor, and the Classic Catalog

After bringing their card catalogs online in the 90s, many libraries have maintained decades-old interfaces even as they adopt new systems focused on the discovery and use of subscription materials such as single journal articles. Though antiquated in design, such “classic catalogs” remain popular with librarians and faculty. As libraries move into a third generation of catalogs and discovery systems, those charged with leading such transitions are choosing to rethink the classic catalog or do away with it entirely.

Interrogating the Ethic of Care in Information Maintenance

Creating linked data converts: syncretism in the cataloging department

Download slides to view text or download PDF of slides to accompany below [Slide 1] Good afternoon, my name is Ruth Kitchin Tillman. I'm the Cataloging Systems and Linked Data Strategist at the Penn State University Libraries. In my presentation, I'm going to be talking about a project we recently completed with the Association of Religion Data Archives, a multi-institution data catalog located in Penn State's Social Science Research Institute. I want to highlight two elements of the project.

Series of Tubes: Moving Subjects from MARC to ASpace


Valuing Labor When You're the Man (Kinda)

Between Bento Boxes and Security Blankets

Reproducing Contingency: Grant-Funded Labor in Digital Libraries


Documenting Our MAPS

Our DLF Now

Valuing Labor in Digital Libraries

Stalin and ampersands and 'Lebenen', oh my!


Pull it Together! Reusing Your Own Metadata and Augmenting Collections with OpenRefine


EAD 2002 to EAD3: the N big changes