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Pennsylvania State University Libraries

Sally W. Kalin Early Career Librarian for Technological Innovations, Associate Librarian July 2023 — present

Sally W. Kalin Early Career Librarian for Technological Innovations, Assistant Librarian July 2021 — June 2023

Cataloging Systems and Linked Data Strategist, Assistant Librarian September 2017 — July 2021

  • Leading a project to improve the libraries’ discovery through the development of a new library catalog using Blacklight and a Bento-style search integrating library resources. Guided development and integration of My Account functionality built on Sirsi WebServices and ILLiad APIs. Began integration of digitized materials into the catalog.
  • Engaging with systems vendors about improvements to discovery and cataloging systems.
  • Leading Penn State’s participation in PCC Wikidata pilot along with wikidata workshops. Exploring opportunities for creation and use of linked data within library data projects.
  • Solving complex data reuse and reporting projects with data from sources including the library’s catalog, ArchivesSpace, and WorldShare. For example: identified library materials with possible arsenic in bindings, assisted Special Collections with data for planning a space management project, and queried WorldCat holdings across BTAA libraries to support a colleague’s research.
  • Working with campus partners to understand how their data may become more discoverable, whether through library contexts or linked data.

Hesburgh Library, University of Notre Dame

Digital Collections Librarian, Assistant Librarian February 2016 — August 2017

Implemented working digital collections infrastructure in CurateND, the library’s institutional repository.

Accomplishments included:

  • Consulted with librarians, curators, and external stakeholders to bring collections into the library’s exhibit platform and/or institutional repository.
  • Set development priorities for the library’s exhibit platform and institutional repository. Exploring integrations between library systems.
  • Developed and refined metadata for load into the institutional repository.
  • Developed and maintained pipelines for dissemination of EAD finding aids from RBSC and Archives through the institutional repository and into the library’s catalog and RBSC, but not Archives, site.
  • Created documentation for users and processes for the library’s technical platforms.

NASA Goddard Library through Cadence Group

Metadata Librarian II June 2014 — January 2016

Managed regular harvest and data management for the NASA Goddard Institutional Repository. Led project to create new collection of 488 digitized issues of the Goddard News, allowing researchers to access the first 40 years of Goddard’s history.

Jacob Burns Law Library, George Washington University Law School

Serials and Continuations Specialist December 2008 — June 2014

Oversaw handling of serials, periodicals, and continuing publications from initial receipt through delivery to shelvers. Performed 18 months of original cataloging of law journal colloquia as monograph records.

George Washington University Law School

Archival Field Study Intern Spring 2013

Arranged and described the school’s unprocessed collection of miscellaneous papers and materials. Created finding aids for the collection in Word/PDF and Archivists’ Toolkit.


Wordpress Consultant July 2008 — July 2010

  • Set up, upgraded, migrated, and imported Wordpress installations for bloggers and small businesses.
  • Restored and repaired hacked sites.
  • Developed Wordpress themes using XHTML, CSS, and PHP.

Other Library Positions

  • Clerical Aide, Hyattsville Public Library, Jan — Dec 2008
  • Page, Newark Free Library, 2001 — 2007
  • Technical Services student worker, Murray Library, Messiah College, 2004 — 2005

2018-2020. Co-Principle Investigator. Collective Responsibility: National Forum on Labor Practices for Grant-Funded Digital Positions. Institute of Museum and Library Services. National Leadership Grants for Libraries. National Digital Platform - Forum. LG-73-18-0236-18. ($99,429.00) Principle Investigators: Ruth Kitchin Tillman and Sandy Rodriguez


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“Learning Cell Cross in OpenRefine.” Virtual. March 26, 2020. text and recording


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Professional Service

Creator and Maintainer, June 2013 — present

  • Rewrote and re-envisioned the EAD 2002 tag library in an interlinked format with language more suitable for XML beginners. Now used in many library school classes.
  • Published tutorials for EAD and Archivists’ Toolkit beginners.
  • Released second, EAD3-focused version of the site one year before EAD3’s release with continued updating to match final changes to the schema.
  • Created multi-site experience to handle multiple versions of EAD, deprecated and new elements, and changes between EAD 2002 and EAD3.

Digital Library Federation

DLF Labor Working Group co-facilitator January 2017 — present

Code4Lib Journal

Editor and Wordpress Administrator June 2015 — September 2021

Samvera/Hydra Community

Samvera/Hydra Metadata Interest Group co-facilitator January 2017 — November 2019

Society of American Archivists

Peer-reviewer June 2016 – Putting Descriptive Standards to Work. edited by Kris Kiesling and Christopher J. Prom. Chicago: Society of American American Archivists (2017).

Member, Technical Subcommittee for Encoded Archival Standards, Appointed August 2016 — October 2017

Co-Chair, EAD Roundtable Steering Committee, Elected August 2014 — August 2016

Member, Technical Subcommittee for EAD (ex-officio) August 2014 — August 2016


University of Maryland, iSchool

Master of Library Science December 2013 (College Park, MD)

Relevant coursework includes:

  • Organization of Information;
  • Legal Issues in Managing Information;
  • Digital Preservation;
  • Archival Arrangement and Description;
  • Management of Electronic Records & Information;
  • Database Design (taken at The Catholic University of America, credit transferred)

Messiah College

Bachelor of Arts, English Literature May 2007 (Grantham, PA)

College Honors Program, summa cum laude