Zines and Patterns

This page may serve as a place where I gather patterns on which I'm working and zines which I create—some of which may overlap in the form of pattern zines.

I'm trying to explore new ways of sharing the things I make, particularly in print, however I'm aware that those with visual disabilities may still find the materials useful. Therefore, I'm creating textual forms where possible (a cross stitch pattern, for example, is unfortunately not something I know how to make into an accessible format--let me know if you now how!) and including links to those as well as to PDFs.

In Print

The zines are meant to be used in print when possible by the user and I am keeping some printed copies on hand. If you'd like one, please contact me. I'm happy to swap or give away the ones I have for the cost of postage (for friends, I'm happy to mail for free).

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Table of Contents


Heart of the Kudzu: a Pamphlet Dungeon

Heart of the Kudzu pamphlet printed and lying on a bed of vines

An invasive species, the Creeping Kudzu spreads from mysterious "Hearts." It shatters stone but infects and revivifies wood structures. It smothers crops and blankets forests. Its tendrils flow over a village in a single night, worming their way into inhabitants and bending them to its will. Players must track down and destroy the Heart before it can do more damage. But will they escape the encounter unscathed?

The pamphlet includes:

Suitable for playing with d20-style fantasy products, aimed at player levels 3-5.

Currently available in print and digitally on Itch.io (printable PDF to create a trifold pamphlet zine).

The Creeping Kudzu: a monster

Creeping Kudzu: a monster zine. Image cropped from the front cover of the zine shows tentacles of kudzu crawling across asphalt.

A monster concept — The Creeping Kudzu — including possible origins and tie-ins for mystery, horror, mythos, sci-fi, and other kinds of gaming. Includes stat blocks compatible with the GUMSHOE SRD and Archmage Engine (13th Age) as well as notes for D&D 5e (SRD) and Fate Core/Fate Horror (SRD). Released under OGL licensing and attributions. First printing available for GenCon 2018. 24 pages.

Currently available in print and digitally on Itch.io and on DriveThruRPG (printable PDF to create half-page zines and full-page PDF). View a multi-page digital sample.

Is This Tweet Powered by Coal?

Brief concept zine inspired by "It's Not Easy Being Green(e): Digital Preservation in the Age of Climate Change" by Ben Goldman, to be published as chapter 15 in a forthcoming SAA volume Archival Values: Essays in Honor of Mark Greene. This chapter draft inspired thoughts on the replication of digital content and its spread beyond any kind of control its creators can exert, with accompanying environmental impacts.

Currently available in print.

Pattern zines

These patterns are intended to be printed, folded, and otherwise assembled as zines. Without the proper assembly, they may not be as useful.

Reticule Revival

Reticule Revival, a Pattern. Image cropped from the front cover of the zine.

Pattern for a small wrist bag, measuring finished around 4" x 6.5". Pattern includes a wrist strap and folded flap over the top. The bag can be used for smaller cell phones, ID cards and mini-wallets, keys, and other small things which one may wish to keep on hand when one's pockets are too small or non-existent. A colleague pointed out that I had revived the reticule, hence the pattern's name.

Download as: black & white PDF (13.7MB) | color PDF (12.9 MB) | text file (5.7kb).

Currently available in print.


photograph of Fledermaus: A zine pattern for 2 flying stuffed bats.

Pattern for two small stuffed bats inspired by an old quilt block. I've used these to make bat -- mobiles (badum!), but they generally make cute little bats you can use for Halloween or year-round decoration and fun. I made mine by getting my hands on a bunch of seasonal fat quarters!

Note on the printable PDF, scanning cut off the line at the edge of the pattern. Your printer may do the same. If so, just draw it in yourself. The stitching lines, still visible, will guide you! The original is a direct photocopy of my drawing and does not have these issues.

Download as: black & white PDF (79kb) | text file (3.1kb).

Currently available in print.


Mythos cross-stitch: Hastur, Hastur, Hast—

Generated image of Hastur cross-stitch pattern which reads Hastur, Hastur, Hast - with images of crowns and masks above and below.

The name of Hastur may not thrice be spoken without dire consequences. Above and below the dread name are the crown and skull mask of the King in Yellow. What horrors may lie behind the silken veil?

Pattern: Hastur cross-stitch PDF, color (11.3MB)

Pattern requires: 2 skeins DMC 792, 14-18ct Aida cloth (black recommended). Pattern includes: overall view on white background, views of each half, large letters and symbols, and guidance for spacing.

The design itself measures 62(h) x 73(w). On 14ct Aida, it fits a 6"x8" frame with a little padding, on 18ct, fits a 5"x7".