EADiva: a friendlier EAD tag library

After having worked on it for the last 7 months or so, I've finally finished creating EADiva, a site which functions as a friendlier version of the EAD tag library. In my introductory post on its blog, I note that this isn't a replacement for the Library of Congress's tag library or excellent resources.

I used the resources from the Library of Congress to create to create the site, although many examples are my own. Each page links to its comparable Library of Congress page. However, the site has inter-linking between element pages, cutting way down on navigation time, and spells out each attribute on the pages themselves instead of requiring the user to click over to other navigation pages.

It was a heck of a job, but it taught me a great deal about EAD and I expect to learn even more as I continue the project.

Ruth Kitchin Tillman
Cataloging Systems and Linked Data Strategist

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