Time is a Property of Data

When building data integrations into our library systems, we must consider time as a key attribute of that data. When time is not considered, even the most trusted source becomes, at best, laughable and, at worst, dangerous.

An Update on EADiva Examples and an Apology

Examples on the EADiva tag library have been changed to remove all examples derived from the Harry Potter Universe.

Reading Motley in 2019

Motley's piece is a strong rejoinder to anyone who gives Society of American Archivists grief for being too political when they bring up global warming or other issues of national import.

Article on the History of EAD and Its Support for Linked Data

I've just had an article come out in Journal of Archival Organization. You can get a self-archived Author's Accepted Manuscript, etc., here. I thought I'd write briefly about what I intended to accomplish in it. I was invited as a (now-former) member of TS-EAS to write along the prompt EAD3 and linked data. This seemed extremely in line with my work and some upcoming plans, so I was excited to do so.

EADiva: a friendlier EAD tag library

After having worked on it for the last 7 months or so, I've finally finished creating EADiva, a site which functions as a friendlier version of the EAD tag library. In my introductory post on its blog, I note that this isn't a replacement for the Library of Congress's tag library or excellent resources. I used the resources from the Library of Congress to create to create the site, although many examples are my own.

Archives Tell a Story

I'm working on my field study right now, arranging and describing a collection which had previously been kept in piles on shelves and in boxes. One of my favorite parts of going through the materials is putting together stories which emerge in the materials.

Extra-curricular Challenge: Archiving a Xanga Blog

In LBSC 605, Intro to Archives, I did a literature review of articles on blog archival. I found so little that dealt with actual blogging that I had to expand it to blogs and dynamic websites. It was a bit disappointing, but preparing that review reminded me of a little blog that I wanted to save. The Blog In the fall of 2004, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. One of her many concerns became the preservation of family stories, mostly the ones she'd told us as kids or the ones which had been told her by older relatives who were already gone.