One Weird Query: Resolving LC Subject Strings to URIs Using Python

How I used a simple Python request and website headers to match Library of Congress Subject Headings and URIs.

How My Father Taught Me the Power of Automation

A reflection on what I learned from my father about automation. His early programs taught me what was possible and gave me confidence to do what I do today.

Implementing the Open Access Button in Summon's Link 2.0

A walkthrough for the process of implementing the Open Access Button on Summon's no-results page.

How (and why) I Redacted 488 PDFs Using Image Magick and Paint

A step-by-step on PDF redaction using Imagemagick and Paint as tools for a foolproof process. Also a look at the Goddard News historical project.

Tutorial: Setting Up a Traject Project on Your Windows Machine

Intended for folks whose institutions may be using traject to index their MARC records and want to be able to test fields/subfields locally. It's also another way you can engage with and understand your MARC data.

How to Register a New XSLT Operation in MarcEdit 7

A walkthrough, with screenshots, of how to register a new batch processing operation in MarcEdit 7.

Who's the One Left Saying Sorry? Gender/tech/librarianship

A reflection on overpromising as a pattern in library technology and teh gender dynamics of who's left apologizing.

Challenges in Discovery Work: No Results Doesn't Mean You Can't Get It

A challenge we encountered in our Bento Box library discovery project: how do we write helpful, caring messages for searches with no results?

Overview of Mastodon & Why I Like It

Why I enjoy being on Mastodon and an overview of what it's like there.

How to Write a Useful Tech Support Ticket

A brief overview of how to write a useful tech support ticket, aimed at an audience of librarians of varying tech levels.