All Clothing Is Handmade

Writing about an art quilt I made with reused textiles and what I hope it reminds us about the clothing that we wear and the people who created it.

Bai Jia Bei: the One Hundred Families Quilt

A beautiful Chinese quilt found in a Connecticut thrift store. The colorful pattern echoes traditional textile work, though the quilt was made for tourists.

Trip to the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show, pt.1

This is one of those posts which I realize has to be done in several parts because it’s going to be very long and include a lot of photographs. I spent Friday 3/3 and Saturday 3/4 at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show and related events in Bloomington. It was a wonderful trip and I’m very grateful to the friends who hosted me, since I went down there without anyone. This was my first Quilt Show (I’ve been to auctions, the relief sale, our guild’s quilt show, but nothing like this) and it affected me on a fundamental level.