The Long Highlights of My 2019 Reading

A reading list of books on race, white supremacy, war, pacifism, and more.

On Disappointment and Surprise at the Behavior of Certain Senior Archival Community Members

What happened in the Society of American Archivists 2020 election and why we're disappointed.

My (partial) 2018 reading list

Books on the anthropocene, race, white supremacy, nuclear war, pacifism, and more.

On Remembering What We Can Choose

Sometimes I forget things that I have the power to do, whether nominating someone for an award, sending a kudos to their boss, complimenting their work in a public forum, etc.

Mitigating Twitter

I'm not quite yet ready to say goodbye to Twitter. It's been a part of my life since 2007, in some account or another. I've actively engaged with libarch Twitter since 2010 (although even in 2007, I was somewhat involved).

Why I Vote, Even Though I'm a Mennonite...

Mennonites don't vote. That's what I heard growing up. Not that I was raised Mennonite, mind, but even before I knew enough of the beliefs that I knew I wanted to be one, I knew this one fact about them. Of course, like any “fact” about Mennonites…it depends. But it's definitely a part of our history and our spiritual heritage. My husband says we've lost our way, but he still votes.