One Weird Query: Resolving LC Subject Strings to URIs Using Python

How I used a simple Python request and website headers to match Library of Congress Subject Headings and URIs.

Implementing the Open Access Button in Summon's Link 2.0

A walkthrough for the process of implementing the Open Access Button on Summon's no-results page.

Challenges in Discovery Work: No Results Doesn't Mean You Can't Get It

A challenge we encountered in our Bento Box library discovery project: how do we write helpful, caring messages for searches with no results?

Scan of Article Bento Boxes and Filtering Summon

At Penn State, we're planning a discovery revamp which will include presenting our catalog with a Blacklight layer over the MARC records and creating a Bento landing page for the front-page search, which currently goes to Summon. We've been reviewing other institutions who've implemented such approaches, determining their choices, and assessing how they do or don't meet our own needs. The box causing the most conversation right now has been our Summon search.