Weighing Fields in Library Catalog Search, or, The Hillbilly Elegy Problem

An overview of the challenges in assigning field weights in a library catalog. This uses the example of a book about Hillbilly Elegy to explain demonstrate where challenges arise.

Repository Ouroboros

If you are somewhere on the repository ouroboros, you are not alone, you are not broken, and you are not hopelessly behind.

A Brief Guide to My Name

A reflection and history of my name as well as a practical guide to writing, sharing, and alphabetizing it.

How (and why) I Redacted 488 PDFs Using Image Magick and Paint

A step-by-step on PDF redaction using Imagemagick and Paint as tools for a foolproof process. Also a look at the Goddard News historical project.

Tutorial: Setting Up a Traject Project on Your Windows Machine

Intended for folks whose institutions may be using traject to index their MARC records and want to be able to test fields/subfields locally. It's also another way you can engage with and understand your MARC data.

Angle Bracket Fetish: Reflecting on EADiva 5 Years Later

Five years on, a reflection on what purpose the EADiva website does or should serve in the context of archival description. How can it further poor understandings of how we describe things? When is it useful? Where can it do better?

Article on the History of EAD and Its Support for Linked Data

I’ve just had an article come out in Journal of Archival Organization. You can get a self-archived Author’s Accepted Manuscript, etc., here. I thought I’d write briefly about what I intended to accomplish in it. I was invited as a (now-former) member of TS-EAS to write along the prompt EAD3 and linked data. This seemed extremely in line with my work and some upcoming plans, so I was excited to do so.

On the Utterly Bizarre Handling of Conflicting Names in Goodreads

An overview of how Goodreads handles technical aspects of author names when they conflict. When two authors have the same name, they use multiple spaces.

An Introduction to RDF for Librarians (of a Metadata Bent)

An introduction to the basic concepts of RDF, how it can be expressed, and what its potential actually means. This post is aimed at metadata librarians.

Pull It Together! Presentation on Exporting, Augmenting and Re-Ingesting Data in Fedora 3 and 4

Presentation notes and code from a process used to create a local linked data reconciliation service and augment other local metadata in Fedora.