linked data

One Weird Query: Resolving LC Subject Strings to URIs Using Python

How I used a simple Python request and website headers to match Library of Congress Subject Headings and URIs.

Wikidata for Catalogers: Workshop Materials and Design

Handouts and exercise design from a wikidata workshop designed to introduce catalogers to how they can reuse their skills to create and update wikidata records.

Linked Data is Made of Systems

The lack of systems which truly use linked data causes linked data fatigue among those who are eager to learn & told it's important. what can we do?

An Introduction to RDF for Librarians (of a Metadata Bent)

An introduction to the basic concepts of RDF, how it can be expressed, and what its potential actually means. This post is aimed at metadata librarians.

Pull It Together! Presentation on Exporting, Augmenting and Re-Ingesting Data in Fedora 3 and 4

Presentation notes and code from a process used to create a local linked data reconciliation service and augment other local metadata in Fedora.