Weighing Fields in Library Catalog Search, or, The Hillbilly Elegy Problem

An overview of the challenges in assigning field weights in a library catalog. This uses the example of a book about Hillbilly Elegy to explain demonstrate where challenges arise.

Wikidata for Catalogers: Workshop Materials and Design

Handouts and exercise design from a wikidata workshop designed to introduce catalogers to how they can reuse their skills to create and update wikidata records.

Encountering Bigfoot in Children's Nonfiction, or, a Crisis of Taxonomy

On how the language of nonfiction and choices in the Dewey Decimal System's Taxonomy led me to believe in Bigfoot.

Tutorial: Setting Up a Traject Project on Your Windows Machine

Intended for folks whose institutions may be using traject to index their MARC records and want to be able to test fields/subfields locally. It's also another way you can engage with and understand your MARC data.

How to Register a New XSLT Operation in MarcEdit 7

A walkthrough, with screenshots, of how to register a new batch processing operation in MarcEdit 7.

Challenges in Discovery Work: No Results Doesn't Mean You Can't Get It

A challenge we encountered in our Bento Box library discovery project: how do we write helpful, caring messages for searches with no results?