TIL: 2020-03-18

No entry for the 17th. It was a bad day.

Stalled by the Dot

On the night of the 17th, I learned that the Hugo theme development issue which had caused me 45 minutes of irritation and stress the night before was caused by leaving out a period in one call of one template.

Yep, one period — “the dot.” Don't let your kids learn to code. It's not worth it.

So, to get into what I actually learned*… when calling a Hugo partial, you need to include a . (“the dot”) to pass on metadata from the current page.

{{ partial "head.html" . }}

Calling it without “the dot” would work… but only if all you planned to do was use that to include the same HTML/hugo templating without any conditionals, variables, etc. It wrecks hell on most templating, however.

*I totally knew this. However, I am still building my “common troubleshooting issues in Hugo” patterns and had not yet added “check the partial call for ‘the dot’” to my toolkit.

Let a Thousand Typos Bloom

I was also working on a project to get typo lists for our catalog cleanup and found/remembered Ballard's List: http://terryballard.org/typos/typoscomplete.html

We will never go hungry for typos again.

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