On my Accessibility for Librarians blog, I wrote up basics for librarians taking a relay or TTY call. I’ve put together a very basic flyer which can be kept by a phone or given to staff who may find themselves taking a TTY call. View or download the flyer.

The text of the flyer is as follows:

Just Got a Relay (TTY) Call?

Go Ahead! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Not sure what to do when you get a Relay call? Operator says the other person’s using a TTY device and they’ll be reading out what the party types?

  1. Converse just like you would with any other caller, BUT
  2. when you’re ready for them to talk, just say “Go Ahead.”
  3. Wait until you hear “Go Ahead,” to say anything else.

Congrats, you’re carrying on a Relay conversation! Just like with any caller, make sure they’re done before you hang up and then let them know you’re hanging up.

A couple don’ts:
Don’t talk directly to the operator!
Don’t hang up without letting them know!

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